Welcome to the structured settlement wiki sponsored by S2KM Limited . S2KM first published this "read only" public wiki March 24, 2008 and will continue to develop, edit and improve its content.

Wiki updates will be announced on the S2KM blog "Beyond Structured Settlements".

Purposes and objectives
  • Publish a wiki to help structured settlement stakeholders "re-think structured settlements".
  • Address industry issues and feature industry knowledge leaders in web 2.0 formats.
  • Encourage industry practice communities, networks and knowledge leaders to use wikis.
  • Better integrate S2KM and TSSG publications with other authors, publishers and publications.

Disclaimer: neither this wiki, nor S2KM's blog are intended to provide legal, tax, financial or insurance advice. Readers should not rely upon this wiki or S2KM's blog for such purposes.

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